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Epiphone Zenith Fretless Bass + hard case

Inlagd 2018-10-11 12:05:00 av Nicholas, Umeå, Västerbotten.

Skick: Mycket bra, Årsmodell: 2009, Visningar: 263

Selling this rare breed. One of the most beautiful basses I have seen, amazing sound and playability, and very rare one to find these days.

An Epiphone Zenith bass fretless, in natural finish. This bass is from 2009, was originally fretted but had been transformed into lined fretless by a professional luthier. The bass has recently been restored, cleaned and adjusted by a luthier. Ships with an Epiphone Jack Cassady hard case and brand new La Bella deep talking bass nylon wound strings.

The bass has only two marks, one on the lower part of the back near the strap pin and one on the neck (as shown in the pictures). The bass currently misses one string ferrule and the batery box cover (which I can fix soon when I get those items in stock, for a small additional cost).

Otherwise the bass is in great condition. All pickups (piezo and magnetic), preamps (has one two band preamp per pickup) and outputs (stereo amd mono) work perfectly.

Price is negotiable, exchanges for 6 string bass, P bass and amp head are of interest. :)

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