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Inlagd 2019-03-15 07:14:27 av Berra, Malmö, Skåne.

Skick: Mycket bra, Årsmodell: 1992, Visningar: 268

Marshall wanted to give guitarists "the best valve amplifier ever made," so in 1992 they introduced their 30th Anniversary line of amplifiers. Features of the 100 watt head (model 6100) include: three separate channels, four different output levels, valve power, and midi switching.

Three Separate Channels:

CLEAN channel 1 has all the sparkling clarity and glassy fidelity of the early JTM45. Deft use of of the tone controls, mid band shift, and bright switches can carry you across a whole spectrum of crisp country, warm jazz, and classic rock clean tones.

CRUNCH channel 2 is only part of the story of channel 2. It contains three selectable modes to cover the range of vintage Super Lead purity, to 70's Master Volume grinding power, to 90's Hi-Gain drive. Creamy or biting blues, hard rock rhythms, or metallic anthems can be given the Marshall touch with this channel, which recreates the character of amps from each Marshall era.

LEAD channel 3 is what channel 3 is all about. This channel has a switch for two gain alternatives. The first, a smoldering saturation, is preset to the channel. The other is a searing gain boost that shoots screaming solos beyond the limits of any previous sonic experience. Besides awesome gain, Marshall includes a mid-shift selector to transform the middle control into an expansive "contour" control. Where other high-gain amps turn muddy and lose definition, the 30th anniversary model tonal shaping helps you to retain the definition that articulates every note.

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