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Infity SM 152

Inlagd 2020-01-12 17:12:26 av Magnus Kvilén, Göteborg, Västra Götaland.

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Högtalare:INFINITY SM152
A beautiful version of this Infinity model. In this set we put a lot of work corresponding to the estimate accompanying this noble brand. The skins were factory-made in plastic veneer, now they are completely lined with exotic wood, including massive pedestals. These powerful floor tiles with a height of 107 cm have been internally glued to the last millimeter acoustic 70 mm foam with 20 years of useful life, used also in recording studios, the pictures also show that even a powerful bass-refflex tunnel has not been spared, the chests are strengthened with many internal reinforcements.A commonly used allergic glass wool at that time was removed. All transducers control panel, giant gold-plated speaker terminals are equipped with gaskets, soldering joints made using Japanese lead-free alloy of silver with tin. We listened to these speakers also before tuning, now the difference is fundamental. irma does not surprise the consumer with its parameters, but we feel that these powerful floor tiles are playing a powerful, energizing bass with an immediate impulse response, very natural for the vocals diameter and crystal top, but without coloration - Polydome :). The frequency of the 500/5500 Hz crossover is clearly audible, the double midrange speakers placed in the hermetic cylinders descend with the band noticeably low. A great model.

Model: Studio Monitor 152
Production 1976
Assembly in: USA
Dimensions: 107 x 44 x 34 mm
Weight: about 60 kg
construction: 3,5-way, bass-refflex
Bass: 1x 381 mm (Polypropylene membrane)
medium: 2 x 114 mm (Polypropylene membrane)
high: 1x 25 mm Polydome
Power: 150/300 W
dynamics: 102 dB
frequency of division: 500/5500 Hz
Impedance: 8 Ohms

Inköpta av privatperson i mitten av 90 talet.

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