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Säljes 13 jan Uppsala

Studer 904 32-channel console

170 000:-

Up for sale is a used Studer 904 console in very good condition.

– 32 mono A-channels with 4 band EQ, HPF/LPF, compressor, VCA fader in a 40-ch frame
– 8 stereo groups
– 2 stereo sums
– insert points on channels, groups and sums
– complete master section
– custom direct out matrix (grabs signal post preamp)
– all cabling incl. Siemens connectors for patchbay connection
– 4 power packs (desk can be turned off when not in use)
– full documentation in German and English
– dimensions: W 220 x D 110 x H 106
– originating from German broadcast (think SVT)
– serviced in 2010 by Vintagetools

More pictures:

The desk is currently installed in Dala-Järna. Test runs can be arranged.
This is a company sale at zero moms.


Thomas Harsem


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