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Säljes 14 sep Stockholm

AmpTweaker Tight Metal Pro 2

2 500:-

I am selling my amptweaker tight metal pro 2 preamp pedal. The pedal is about 6 months old and is the best distortion pedal that I have used. It has 3 loops (stand by), Engaged, and a Boost loop. There are a ton of ways to shape the sound and it works incredibly well.

This also has a noise gate and a defizz knob along with a ton of different settings to tweak the tone.

I am selling it because I just picked up a 5150 amp head and no longer need the Tight Metal Pro 2.

I am located in Stockholm and local pickup is preferred. You can test it out before buying as well.

Send me a message if you would like to come by and check it out.




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