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NDLR Sequenser

3 000:-

Rolig sequencer där du kan styra 4 olika synthar i perfekt synkad polyfoni. Perfekt att jamma med!
Tyvärr passade den inte in i min setup.

I perfekt skick!

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Conductive Labs The NDLR; Arpeggiator, Sequencer and Chord Generator; 4 MIDI Parts (Motif 1, Motif 2, Pad and Drone); all 4 Parts play in the same Key, Mode and Chord and rhythmically in sync; extensive Pattern and Rhythm editors for Motif 1 & 2 with 20 presets and 20 user slots each; Chord Sequencer with programmable chord progressions; freely assignable MIDI CC messages for each Part; quick access to all parameters and flat menu structure; start/stop button for each part and for all parts; tempo range: 10 - 300 BPM; modulation matrix with 8 slots; modulation sources: 3 LFOs and MIDI CC messages like Velocity, Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel and Aftertouch; 32 modulation destinations + 127 MIDI CC messages; 1.8" color display, 8 encorders with switch, 15 buttons; x2 MIDI in/out (5pin DIN); USB-B port for power and USB-MIDI (4 virtual ports); Clock input/output (3.5mm jack); rugged metal enclosure; dimensions: 228 x 160 x 71mm (WxDxH); weight: 900g; including: USB cable; suitable USB power supply: item 373709 (not included)




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