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Säljes 14 maj Stockholm

Blå Kaja ‘Formanta’

4 000:-

An old Belarusian ‘Formanta’ guitar rebuilt and jazzed up by the genius work of Blå Kaja guitars.

Here’s a blurb from the man himself:

“It’s an old Formanta, probably late 70s or early 80s.
Neck is 25.5” scale and 7.25” radius, if I remember correctly.
Not 100% sure about that.
Modern two way truss rod,
new ebony fretboard, recarved neck with a tru oil finish on the back.
Handmade brass nut.
Kluson tuners, jazzmaster bridge with telecaster saddles.
Handmade pickup rings.
Pickups are made by me. Burns covers with sparkle inlays.
Under the hood, they are constructed much like a strat pickup.
Alnico V magnets I think. Awg42 wire gauge and I think output is something like 8 and 8.5k.”

Cool as anything and, if it matters to you, you can be damn sure nobody else has one. One of a kind. Absurd price for a guitar of this quality.

Pickup only in Stockholm.




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