Fender CS 56 Strat Relic 20 ann Fiesta Red - 37 000:- • Vend

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Fender CS 56 Strat Relic 20 ann Fiesta Red

37 000:-

En Suberb Fiesta Strat !
Vi åker på engelska, så är alla med på banan.
This is a 20th, Anniversary. 2015 Relic Fiesta Red
This colour is as close you can come to the one first called "Flamingo Pink"
as in Hank Marvins first Fender Strat.
Gold Hardware. Fantastic player. Kept in collection and played gently for setups and practice.
Fat 50,s pickups. Gold locking tuners. The maple fretboard is magnificently detailed and reliced.
Neckprofile is softrounded v - not fat.
You can just sit and loose yourself inspecting it.
All specs are in the Custom Shop factorysheet picture. Weight 3.4 Kg
Strings and setup now is Thomastik Carl Verheyen special 09 - 46
If I saw this, I would buy it ! ...but I´ve enjoyed it, and now it´s your turn.


Claes af Geijerstam


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