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3 150:-

Sun face med sun dial och battery off funktion när man vrider volym potten till noll.
Nos germanium transistorer
Spårbar frakt ingår

We also have some really cool 1960s Japanese 2SB transistors that we are using for our germanium Sunfaces. These are a little brighter and fuzzier than the NKTs. They are usually made by Hitachi, Toshiba, or Matsushita. I remember buying dead Japanese Acetone organs back in the early 1990s to get 2SB175 transistors for making Fuzzfaces when a friend told me how great they sounded. The 2SB is a little darker and woolier than the TI/UK. Some of these that measure at low gain are great in our low gain germanium option, to duplicate the sound and great cleanup of the white dot NKT275. We have two models of the 2SB, the 2SB171 which is lower gain and the 2SB175 which is higher gain. Both sound great, smoother than the other germaniums





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