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Säljes 24 jun Uppsala

Novo Serus T - number 5!

45 000:-

This was the 5th Novo made and was hand made by Dennis Fano himself (not by his team). It was the first to arrive in the UK in 2015.
This exact guitar was reviewed by Guitar Magazine (see link below) and received 10/10 rating. I bought it direct from Coda Music in England.

I am still a little undecided if I really want to sell it, but I don’t play it as often as it deserves and I’m thinking that I could possibly reinvest the money into buying one or two other high end guitars instead. I don’t need the money, so I’m not desperate to sell it, but for the price advertised I would let it go. Sorry, but I can’t sell it for less.
TGT11 in Stockholm have some Novos in stock and start at 55 000 kr.
Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.
Comes with a quality Gator hard case (and the original gig-bag)




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