Emma Electronic AmARHyll 61 DEEP pedalboard - 1 600:- • Vend

Säljes 8 jul Karlstad

Emma Electronic AmARHyll 61 DEEP pedalboard

1 600:- 1 750:-

Never used. I have the regular 61 for years and bought this deep version when thinking to expand, but at the same tome had to sell half my pedals so never needed a bigger board. It’s been sat in the case for 2-3 years and time to find a home!

Speaking of the Emma boards in general, these things are super solid. like a better version of the popular PedalTrain and such, but cooler looking.
The 61 DEEP is hard to find and I think the price is fair for new condition. it obviously comes with the hard case, with lock and key, which you see it sits on in the photos.

I’m in the middle of nowhere near Torsby but occasionally get to Karlstad. It can be posted but I’m guessing about 300kr cost as it’s pretty big and not very light.




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