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KittycasterFX Groovy Wizard Fuzz Driver

2 500:-

Fuzzy drive från den legendariska designern Howard Gees nya märke.
Splirrans i kartong inklusive all swag!
I limiterad svart finish.

2500:- plus ev frakt

The Groovy Wizard Fuzz Driver is for all you wizards of guitar that have been searching for the most dynamic, touch-sensitive fuzz to drive your amp whether it is set clean or overdriven. Groovy Wizard’s open and transparent response lets the character of your guitar and amp shine through while accentuating every playing nuance. The wide ranging controls go from boost to amp-like touch-sensitive overdrive all the way to raging fuzz! And it was specifically designed to extend the range of your guitar's volume control - from amazing cleans, to tight overdrive, all the way to raging fuzz - all by merely turning your guitar's volume control and varying your picking attack.

Adapted and extended from a classic ’60’s two-transistor console preamp circuit originally associated with Jimi Hendrix, the Groovy Wizard is not a mere clone, nor is it a fuzz face. The circuit was modified and voiced from the ground up to achieve the perfect sound + response. Utilizing a combination of a PNP germanium transistor coupled with an NPN silicon transistor running at up to 18 volts, the Groovy Wizard has a greatly increased range of gain from clean to fuzz, more tonal control, bigger soundstage and punch, and more transparency to create the perfect fuzz driver for any musical style or rig.

This is your always on dirt pedal!




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